Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's up with me?

Hello again, friends. I haven't posted anything in a number of months. It had been my plan to teach a chess course at the local community centre in Duncan but, alas, not enough interest was shown and the course was cancelled.

My bad luck, however, was in contrast to the good work of Arnie Nermo from Abbotsford, B.C., who has helped towards creating a Canadian first ... the first Board of Education Approved Chess Course in a public school in Canada! Well done, guys! Arnie also provided a short history on How to Start a High School Chess Course.

I was down in Victoria this past weekend to check out the 2009 Victoria Chess Festival, aka the Grand Pacific Open, and to finally meet Jonathan Berry who was giving a chess lecture during the weekend. I was only able to attend the lecture. If I am able I will share my notes from Berry's lecture. He spoke on "A Few Endgames" and I also took the opportunity to purchase the first volume of "Chess on the Edge" from the Chess and Math booktable. Now I have another chess book that I haven't read. Heh.

P.S. to Chess and Math. Next time, guys, how about being organized enough to provide your customers with a receipt? I very nearly walked away from the amateurism of it all.


Glenn Wilson said...

From a prior post of yours: "I've struggled with a few game viewers, unlike this one, that allow annotations and variations. I will probably struggle some more until the problem is solved."
Have you tried The new simplified publishing may be what you are looking for...

Nigel Hanrahan said...

Thanks for that, Glenn. I'm working on some notes from the lecture on endgames by Jon Berry and that would be a good opportunity to try another game viewer.