Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jonathan Berry lecture at the Grand Pacific Open

While I wasn't able to participate in the tourney, I managed to attend a chess lecture by Jonathan Berry on "A Few Endgames". The crowd was small enough to make it open and intimate.

Before I forget, I should add that Berry made mention of a very handy website for chess endgames. It's called an Endgame Tablebase and can be used for ANY endgame with six pieces or less. Basically, you place the six pieces or less on the board (including the two kings) , note which side is to play, and the website will churn out an endgame solution. There is a similar Nalimov Tablebase over here.

Jonathan Berry's endgames follow. I will add them as I am able.

I first heard about the Chess Viewer Deluxe on Susan Polgar's Chess Discussion Board. The Board was moderated by Nikolai Pilafov. Nikolai has obviously been doing some more work on his Viewer and you are seeing the results of those efforts. Now if I can just figure out how to display a game fragment or problem ... Here are Nikolai's instructions on how to publish a chess game on your blog if you are interested in trying the same thing on your own.

Firstly, an endgame problem that shows some basics from a simple king and pawn ending.

After that is a very long game (153 moves) in which rook, bishop and pawn prevail over rook and bishop. On 55... Rb2 check, it really looks as if White should settle for the draw by trading the rooks and so on. However, Kovalevskaya played on and managed, instead, to trade off the opposite-colored bishops for the win.

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